Sonnet: Jena

Just wait ’til dost thou see her, as have I;
A luscious and so mischievous a thing;
Not hesitant her mind to speak, or tease;
Enjoying every twist that might it bring.

To know her is, as I, to know her wry
Tempestuousness, enervated so.
And take from thee delight, as doth she please;
But even then, so much doth she bestow.

Endow thee all the more, doth she thereby,
Regarding not thy happiness nor joy;
No good to give, that first did not appease;
In truth, wilt not thou notice, but enjoy.

Enigma wrapped in mystery is she,
Rewarding us this fortune, I, and thee.

  • One more for Jena


8 responses to “Sonnet: Jena

  1. Jenah would have made a wonderful goddess of old only she hasn’t the required spark of retributive viciousness in her makeup. It’s wonderful how you painted her here! The cadence of your words capture her dance and make my memories more vivid. Thank you, dearest.


  2. Splendid and delightful! David, please write a sonnet for all of us readers who know you through your poems, and about whom you know through their comments =P


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