4 responses to “Intro: By Words

    • I see what you mean here, I think. You took the above to be and either-or question. Am I correct? A diary is more intimate–more likely to be a genuine accounting of things. On the other hand, Sometimes people muse and pose in their private journal entries. I sometimes find I’m less likely to exaggerate here than in my own private world.

      One of my companion blogs is private. I use it as a journal, copybook, and a way to catalog my projects and other works in progress. There are many of those. Sometimes, particularly in the dim, distant past, I’ve engaged in some whimsy and not been entirely honest with my future self.


    • In writing a diary, since I consider it as personal, all emotions, thoughts are poured out, no holds barred. In diary one is drawn into the writer’s shoes, the tendency to pick up the brain is strong that the reader has no time for rational thinking just waiting for the next story to unfold.
      When words are written in a letter or a poem or any other form, one can always edit, rewrite and hold on to some thoughts that may not fit in. The image one wanted to project can be acquired by injecting commercialized writing. The reader can picture the writer’s mood and the message he can convey. The words written down is for the satisfaction of the reader.

      Am I right with my observation? :)


    • Ha, you’re asking me? I’ll just say, that in general I agree, with one caveat: I mentioned how when very young I might lie to my diary here and there. In the same way people are said to “lie to themselves.” But the question and the accompanying sonnet really made a much different point: Simply that one learns more about oneself, no matter what one reads.


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