Pm~sleepy time tune

What incredibly large ears this pianist had!!! It is said, and oft repeated, that ones ears continue to grow. I will admit mine to have rather a head start on this; however If such growth has taken place, it is dwarfed by what we see here!

This is a fine example of an unfortunate accident while making a composite photograph wherein the result is much more interesting than the one intended by the photographer or layout artist.

Expressions of my life - An evolution of art.


Goodnight world, may your days be full of hope,peace and love. Be kind to each other for when all these things and stuff are gone or useless to us, we are only left with each other.


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3 responses to “Pm~sleepy time tune

  1. Oh, my dear one, thank you a million times!

    It is an hour past dawn and you, of course, are sleeping sweetly. I’d just lit the fire and sat down to see what you had done last night when I was delighted to find that Benjamin, and then you, had posted the Chopin Nocturnes. It is so very like you, dear, knowing how I have craved hearing them lately.

    Someday, if I am granted eternity, I think I shall try to enumerate your varied kindnesses. As for today I shall just say thank you for this, my love.

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