Sonnet VIII: For Thy Rest

I would now that I might have been thy bed.
So dark a night it was that wouldst thou sleep
And, weary, rest–a child in my keep–
Upon my breast thy fair and frightened head.

And calm, indeed, to sleep as I have said:
No want or need forgotten whilst thou weep’
To heal thy soul. A drink of comfort, deep,
Would make thee whole again, my child, instead

Of being broke; to smile for me again
When next thou woke‘, and look into mine eyes;
And I would see my Sister gazing up
To smile at me–a smile I would prize
Above all pleasure. For, devoid of pain,
Would grace and measure ever fill her cup.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

5 responses to “Sonnet VIII: For Thy Rest

  1. I feel that there is more of an ease to this sonnet than in some of the others. The internal rhymes flow…um…in music one might say it is like an experienced player swinging Bach or , oh, say, Scarlatti the way we heard Pletnev play that piece where he added the extra bass notes and it sounded to me like he played some of the trills just after the mark. It’s an ease with the form which I think you hit perfectly here. I wish I had the words to explain it more concisely. More clearly. Sadly, I don’t know that much about poetry but I think you’ll know what I mean.

    It is a beautiful sonnet and the flow is perfectly matched to the subject – again.


  2. This piece made a beautiful beginning to the sequence you wrote.
    Seeing that my evenings haven’t been cognitively useful I gave over the morning hour and I have I read the sequence backward and so have arrived at this, the first, in full tears and gratitude to you, my love. I musts say that you have achieved the objective of your poetry well and of your heart and love even better. I feel mended and strong in your care, beloved. You kept faith with me over the long years.


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