Sonnet VII: Perfection

In moments, lived we our own genesis.
In dreams we wake into our own domain.
It is as though our burden to abstain
From one another no abstention is.

And though it may be years between each kiss,
Each kiss is thus more perfect porcelain,
Pristine in all its power to sustain
Me and propel me further into bliss.

It is as though mere seconds passed between
These honey-sweet perfections that we share.
For after each, my passion, love, and mien
Are stronger still and are more deep and rare.

If ever God had made a thing so fine;
It must be thee, this perfect love of mine.

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:

17 responses to “Sonnet VII: Perfection

  1. Your Sonnet VII brings to mind a John Donne poem I committed to memory as a teenager – A Valediction Forbidding Mourning. Maybe with your permission and proper attribution I could include some lines from your work in a piece of Botancial art for My Stonington Garden


    • I took rather a “begin at the beginning” approach in poetry in an effort to understand what all this “humanities stuff” was all about; for I was madly in love with a very different type of scholar from myself. And the humanities were her world, so I resolved to know them–that is what love does to one.

      In any case, my approach led me to J. Donne and Henry King and others of the time which, in many ways, were quite beyond the aspiring young scientist as then I was. Still these “Metaphysicals,” as i believe they are sometimes so labelled, introduced me to the sonnet in a most wonderful way. I began writing them almost from the first day–perhaps I was a few days into my studies when I attempted one.

      So, to be compared, even in a small way, to Donne is no small honour. He was a favourite of mine from the start and still is.

      It is very nice of you to ask this permission; however I believe such a thing would count among “fair use” even if this venture were commercial which I have the impression it is not, in which case one need not obtain permission at all. But you, as I see from your most interesting site, are the legal expert, not I; so perhaps, you know something I do not? In any case whether you need such permission or not, you have it hereby.

      Do post a link with a picture; that is, if you do decided to use it; for I would very much like to see the nature of your vision. (No pressure : )


    • As I mentioned above:

      This sequence of 11 will finish posting in a few days, I believe.

      They comprise the full text of a letter I once wrote my sweetheart when we were quite young and she, at the time, lived a world away from me. She recently found them for me. Apart from three of them, they had not survived into the information age, and I thought them forever lost. But recently, my sweetheart–who is now my most dear and beloved wife–found them for me in a moment of blinding intuition.

      We need one more such moment–she has them more often than do I–and we will hopefully find a beautiful piece which she wrote for me, a very lovely freeverse upon hearing me play (piano) for the first time, and which I have guarded so carefully over the decades, only to find that, despite my efforts, I have somehow mislaid it.

      In this sequence of twelve,

      sonnet number IV is a reflection of this poem–my memory of it, imperfect though it may often be–as most of the sonnets in this sequence are taken from my sweet girl’s words or such reflections as she has shared with me over the years.


  2. Now i know why I have not received posts from you. The WP trolls apparently made changes and you, along wit several others disappeared from my follow list. I have truly missed your wonderful artistry and fully intend to catch up. I did a rather crazy thing and have a poetry only blog: aki no koe, voice of autumn. It is good to restart the follow and again hear your voice.


    • Yes, I have had that happen a time or two myself. Thank you for your words most kind. Mrs. E. and I are quite well. Thank you also for your well wishes and prayers. You have been in our thoughts as well. Is there a link to your new site on your old site? I will look a bit later unless you would be so kind as to provide me with one.


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