Sonnet: No Faith

Can now, I truly see the Holy Ghost?
Believing yet in nothing, not the Son,
And not the Father, nor the fallen one;
With only a desire to play as host

To a belief which, at its very most,
Do I admire to adopt–and shun
All else; for now, I see the truth, and run
To-ward a stark, inevitable, coast;

A coast whose beaches speak a Holy Truth;
Though that alone is not why I so care.
It is a great utility of youth;
Yet pains me that it cannot be a tool
Whose faith will serve me, if indeed ’tis there,
Unless a man accept it, as a rule.

4 responses to “Sonnet: No Faith

  1. Your poem touched my heart…you’re a true magician of words, creating an invisible bridge between the every day life and another reality, beautiful, mysterious and sacred, hidden deep inside the soul of your readers…That’s how i felt when i discovered your blog and i’m still amazed by the inner beauty you’re expressing with every word.
    Thank you, David, for visiting and following my blog, i’m honored. And thank you for another opportunity to dream away, to pray, to feel…

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