Intro: A little too “dead-leaf”-ish

I watch the crazy
lady yelling at the desk
clerk; The couple fighting two

booths away; The paranoid
schizophrenic handling both
sides of the conversation; The

beggar demanding change;
the best of everything, that

I crave, that I prefer, that I gather
up and
take with me.


It can’t

help but get the neurons
firing. Going every which

Aak! Oh my heavens! So many
neurons firing all
at once that I’ve been

possessed by the ghost of
Carlos Williams! I

must need a vacation!
Yes. Yes, that
must be it! Perhaps in

Majorca. In fact, I
that… that… that…

There once was a girl from Majorca,
Who would rather eat beafa than porka
She was kicked out of Cannes
When she ate with her hands;
And was tolda to eat with a forka!

There now. That sent Mr. Williams screeeaming away into the night. And I did not spill a single drop of pea soup! But… I think I may have mentioned that I was planning to avoid that whole limerick affair, did I not?



14 responses to “Intro: A little too “dead-leaf”-ish

    • What can i say? I occasionally take a break from boring people to death and (at least try to) offer people a laugh or two.

      This entry is in part referencing the very first introduction in this blog wherein I stated that, in general, I would be writing about things that concern me deeply rather than light hearted pieces. At the time,I was not sure how long I could keep this up, nor how much or what kind of toll it might take.


    • I started off differently from where I am now, as well. I think it is a natural evolution of change. Just like when you started as an engineer, you did basic stuff. Now you are beyond that. Or rather, you and life and circumstances and such have changed. I know I have greatly changed in the almost year I have been doing this. You know, if it isn’t broken, take it apart anyway!


    • I was sent a gift today: a tee shirt: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the precipitate. I had a true howl over this one. Combat engineers always amaze me. I communicate frequently with them via email to help them arrange their confabs into acceptable continuing education activities so they can use them to fulfill regulatory requirements. I truly admire them for all kinds of reasons. They are true heroes.


    • You did not dream that. I am an engineer of some kind, LOL. I work with the state and review applications of engineers from other states who wish to be licensed in our fair state. Poor things. I did have the pleasure of reviewing and approving an application of a young man who was one of the designers for the CERN accelerator. He had a hard time explaining his duties so he sent blueprints. Now those were so interesting, I kept them at my desk longer than I should have because I so enjoyed going over them and pulling out the parts he did.


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