Sonnet IV: Heirs

Ye Gods: Ye Old and New, and Yet Unborn,
Ye need not climb with Armies of Your Own
To banish each corruption from its Throne;
But light from soul to soul, and each adorn

With Grace; and watch as true believers borne
Will magnify the knowing and the known
Until they have unnumbered billions sown.
And someday, to their young, will point and warn:

See there, my daughters and my sons, that stain
There, crawling nearly lifeless on our height?
Dare you believe it thought it had free reign
To tear down what was Beautiful and Right?

And all the youth will laugh, and never see
How such a foolish thing… could ever be:

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


3 responses to “Sonnet IV: Heirs

    • Thank you. These involved some considerable thought and effort. They are, I am quite sure you realise, not about gods at all, but great artists, poets, writers, inventors, builders, mathematicians, engineers, &c. and how they, and their accomplishments, are denigrated by modern (marxist influenced) culture which embraces all manner of their antitheses.


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