Intro 10: Will I See?

Things I have not seen…
But wish that someday I shall…
In another life…

In another time…
Although my faith is lacking…
I want the next life…

So I may see you…
Dance for me, and play for me…
As never I’ve known….



4 responses to “Intro 10: Will I See?

  1. It helps me along to think that the things I cannot see or have in this life, I may in the next. I sometimes wonder also if I have had such things in a previous life and hence my longing within this one.


    • This is the nature of hope, I think. One may not even believe such things; but even then one hopes them to be true. The hope itself brings one peace and comfort. That much is certain. At least I know the power of such hope in my own life–at times of either great or even scant faith.


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