Intro 3: So Many, Thy Words

So many, thy words
That, of me, hast thou written;
Mine, like water flow.


3 responses to “Intro 3: So Many, Thy Words

  1. All your writes today…breath-taking. I had to personally stop by to let you know, even if I don’t get by personally…I will of course always read your beautiful sonnets in my email.
    You are a true inspiration Mr. Emeron. Hoping the best for you and yours.


    • And I look forward to perusing your site in detail, as I’m currently enjoying our dear Mr. Rudberg’s early entries.

      I have been somewhat overwhelmed of late and remiss in my writing; however, fear not, as you have seen, I am well onto remedying this malfeasance.

      I’m currently sitting on the verandah watching with fascination while an able crew removes a couple of rather large, but unrecoverably rotted trees. Perhaps there is a sonnet or two in this–although it does seem the muse, as it were, is taking me elsewhere, as yesterday she was, and appears to be as well today.


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