Stuffin’ Muffin Recipe!

This is absolutely the best thing I have ever seen! Perhaps I exaggerate, however, I thoroughly believe that once I taste these I shall obtain either an altered state of conciousness, a heightened state of awareness, or perhaps even Nirvana.


Because I am a genius and tried to make my family ultra happy last Thanksgiving a new tradition has been born! The Stuffin’ Muffin is now a vital part of our Thanksgiving meal! It is also really easy to make and will trick people into thinking you are the greatest chef in the world. Just believe me on that one :)

Step one: Depending on how much you are making get a giant pan and your ingredients! These will consist of:

Stuffing mix bags

Jimmy Dean Sausage

Chicken broth




Olive oil

Step two: Warm Olive oil and saute onions and celery and apples in it. Add the apples a bit after the onion and celery as they are already softer.

That knife is my favorite to cook with and I am sad if it is dirty and I have chopping to do.

I did three onions, 6…

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