I believe the poem which inspired this comment of mine to have a very dark message. Perhaps deconstructionist, perhaps marxist, perhaps even nihilistic. [though its author assures me not]

Some things pain me to read; because I know such things, such realities, seem true–and perhaps are true for many, at least in the present. And, although they may seem so; still, one should not proclaim such conditions, such realities to be changeless. No such condition is set in stone. Quite often our prison is of our own making; not bars set by our circumstances, but by those we construct by virtue of the way we think about them–the way in which we frame them in our minds.

This, perhaps, is too dark for me, I’m not sure I understand its message; However, I do know that I cannot exist–not in the same way, or in the same universe–without my truest love.  I wonder, when I read such as this, if the author knows little else but hurt, and pain.

I would want to tell such a young man–or a young lady–that he should Know that it is not that way for everyone.  If one claims it is so, then one tells a lie, and a very evil one at that, though perhaps, not intentionally.

There is great joy everywhere; and great joy in our mothers and our fathers, our sisters and our brothers, our husbands and our wives, our sons and our daughters.  So very many of us, do not break them apart, but hold them together, keep them, as may many of them keep us, from breaking apart.

In this way am I kept.  In this way, does my life have all the more meaning.

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  1. No. The poem did not have any deconstructionist, marxist, nihilistic or any other “ist” or “istic” message.

    Sorry for making your soul so very restless at that.

    Change is the law of nature, and is bound to come and I beleive that it will. But the poem is based on my thought, that for any change to come, it should be “talked with” and “discussed”, just launching an attack is not the solution, and would never be.

    I agree, but problems need to be discussed to be solved.




    • Very true, and a lively dialog. I can see now–and could more early on–that there is more to your life than pain and hurt, but that is all I would wish.

      You must understand this also: Your writing made me sad. But that means it had power–that it was good writing. When someone tells you a thing like that, it is a sign that you write well.


    • Well, that was one of the best of the compliments I have ever received…thanks so very much, it means a lot to any writer or poet…

      And the poem is only a try from my side to tell the world that things should be taken comtrol of.

      There are things and incidents, which you better call accidents, taking place in the society, which ashame us for what we are…my heart yearns to help in some way, which, when I cant, makes me feel guilty…

      Its high time to hold the reigns of the misleading brook and step into the water itself, until you get wet, you cant swim.

      Its now or never.
      Dont know if I suceeded or not.

      But again, thanks for the compliment.
      Loved thee.


    • I am in the northwest United States.

      And from your words, I guessed you to be female, although In reading your site, such as I did, I did not find any indication other than that–although I may well have looked in the wrong place.

      And your screen name strikes me as exotic, so from the hour, and from that, I guessed you to be in the far east; somewhere on the other great continent, far across the sea.


    • Also, it is rather curious–if one believes in fate–that you should happen upon my site, and have the above described post appearing on your front page, as i am just this morning beginning the second half of a sonnet sequence regarding the human body. A week or so ago, I completed a sequence of six regarding the male form. Found here:


      And now, after a few diversions, I begin, hopefully in earnest, my series on the female form. Which begins here:


      The inspiration for both of these lay in a discussion I had with another follower.


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