Indeed, do not put a ‘0’ in the “Tag Cloud” widget:

The widget in question is no longer limited to 75 elements. I have mentioned this before, whereabout I decided to limit its size to 30 which presents a roughly square shape. Still, I will amend my prior statement all the while conducting an experiment: Do not put a ‘0’ in the “Tag Cloud” widget unless you place it last, as it will render all other widgets unfathomably far down–virtually unreachable.


However… I do like the idea of having all tags visible in some way. I would prefer it if decided to include another tag widget, perhaps a drop-down list or specific tag search with active suggestions.

Also… The tag-exclusion element does not appear to be working. I have tried several times to exclude certain tags, and have verified that a numerical “tag-id” must be used (although I have tried using the slug line and tag names as well) an none of this seems to have any effect upon what tags are displayed. On the other hand, there could be either a cache or database-related time delay of such a function. I have experimented with the cache on my end; however I have no control over such constraints upon changes placed upon this functionality by the Lords of the Database. For this, I shall have to wait and see.


I have waited. I have seen. After a time, the tag exclusions do seem to take effect. Those I have excluded are no longer showing up in the tag cloud.

Insults Make Me Happy:

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