Sonnet XI: Here and Now

Here, have I come: to know thy voice, to thrill
At every timbre, to rejoice my sin,
The very amber of my choice.  For mine
Is all perfection, comfort, and goodwill.

And, have I known: to rest, to sleep.  Therein
Shall I in thee my comfort keep.  Confine
Should I to me thy tears to weep.  Begin,
Do I to quell the fears that each of thine
Own quited years might never hope to kill.

Now, am I come: to decimate thy blind
Illusion.  And, have I known: all thy sound
And furied Confusion.  Here, do I bind
All hope no faith nor charity hath bound.
Celerity is stopped–and rested.  Still…

This sonnet is part of a short sequence; click here to read it all:


13 responses to “Sonnet XI: Here and Now

  1. It still amazes me that you used a technique to create this. It sounds…well…like the heartfelt expression of the poet! You and Browning.

    And here I am reading while I should be getting ready to leave. I enjoy this site so very much, Sweetheart. I can fall into it whenever I need to avoid…

    Speaking of avoiding. Would you please write the sonnet of the smile for me, dearest? [insert entreating bug face here] I realize now that the real reason I can’t write it is because I want to write it as you not as me. [that made sense in my head] Ok, now I’ll go get ready to face the day bolstered by your graceful words and true love.


    • Thank you sweetheart. We will discuss it more so I may get, so to speak, my head around the concepts therein and I would be delighted to write it.

      And… Did you notice? Volta in the last word/last syllable?!


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