Intro 2: Reality May Bite

What is real to thee
So real does it ever seem,
May be a phantom.

Take care this realness
Is not a dagger with which
To slay thine own soul


Below the fold:

A fairytale element? One reader mentions this in her comment in the following sonnet. I thought I would mention, also in that light that, in the third person, the verb “to demean” conjugates to “demeans.” This is an exact homonym for “demesnes” which of course is a more courtly (appropriately fairytale-esque) form of “domain” which tends also to reference a kingdom, or a king’s holdings. I had originally written “demeans” to be used as a noun when it had then occurred to me that these two were homonyms. I do sometimes use gerunds or denominals for this purpose; sometimes to obfuscate a meaning, but perhaps even more often, to emphasize one.

8 responses to “Intro 2: Reality May Bite

  1. I am so glad you expounded on “demesnes” to give a deeper meaning to the purpose of the use of the word. It is a word rarely seen and I was pleased beyond measure to read it in your poem. I had used it in a sentence a few months ago and my husband said to me that for someone who writes very bad and unformed poetry, I sometimes astounded him by my use of words such as demesnes. I raised my eyebrow at him and sniffed and went back to writing another lousy un-poem. I need to get back to my haiku. I feel a need to empty myself and begin again that trek to purity. Your latest postings urges me to haiku and udon….I think I shall also post my recipe for that as well. Bravo! David. You have inspired me more in two posting than long dust Will ever did.
    Actually, the last sonnet: Bravissimo.


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